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dc.contributor.authorYasynska, Nadiia-
dc.contributor.authorFomichenko, Inna-
dc.contributor.authorVoloshyna, Olena-
dc.contributor.authorByvsheva, Lada-
dc.contributor.authorKrikunenko, Ekaterina-
dc.identifier.citationNadiia Yasynska, Inna Fomichenko, Olena Voloshyna, Lada Byvsheva and Ekaterina Krikunenko (2019). Assessment of the level of business readiness for digitalization using marketing and neural network technologies. Innovative Marketing , 15(3), 42-59.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe marketing environment of the world economy is changing due to intensive digitali zation of trade exchange operations. Formation of marketing forecasts based on current and past periods in modern conditions is irrelevant to the current situation. The purpose of the article is to assess the situational precedents of business readiness for digitaliza tion based on monitoring data, operating environment, applications and management system when using the tools of marketing and neural network modeling. The article uses a systematic approach and methods of statistical, financial and marketing analysis, tools for modeling a neural network. Based on the estimated indicators, the current and fore casted levels of electronic retail in the world are revealed. Based on the application of the concept of portfolio analysis to the data of national and international monitoring, а marketing model of research has been built, in which low business efficiency has been determined, situational modeling of business readiness for digital transformation has been carried out and characteristics of the identified precedents have been given. A low degree of business readiness to digitize the economy has been established. The results emphasize the importance of monitoring business readiness for the digitalization of the economy in real time with marketing and neural network modelingen_US
dc.subjectelectronic retail commerceen_US
dc.titleAssessment of the level of business readiness for digitalization using marketing and neural network technologiesen_US
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